Our commitment to improving the quality
and management of our work

Quality Policy

Barnfield Construction is based on ensuring client satisfaction and operates a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001: 2015. Construction is, by its nature, a bespoke production process for each project and the quality of the completed product can be positively or adversely affected from the earliest design inputs provided by clients.  We work with designs provided to us, assisting with our approachable and practical Design & Build team to help guide clients toward optimal solutions.

The Management have committed to:

Develop and continually improve the quality management system

Strive and drive for zero defects or snags at handover

Direct engagement with clients to enhance customer satisfaction

Environmental Policy Statement

Barnfield Construction operates an Integrated Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001: 2015 and sets out to minimise its impact on the environment and to strive for continual improvement in all identified aspects through improved efficiencies, reduced wastage and effective planning both within the organisation and in conjunction with stakeholders.

Management have committed to:

Monitor our environmental impacts and review each year to drive continuous improvement in all areas of business, acknowledging the finite nature of global resources and the effects of human activity on world climate and ecosystems.

Comply with all regulations, statutory requirements and standards related to its operations and activities.

Re-use and recycle materials as far as is practical and reduce non-recyclable inputs where viable alternatives exist.

  Continually improve our waste footprint, driving internal improvements and working with supply chain partners to drive a reduction in overall waste and particularly in single-use plastics.

Reduce carbon emissions year-on-year in accordance with our Target Net Zero 2040 statement of intent.