Integrating safety into day-to-day work
throughout the Company.

Health & Safety Policy

It is The Barnfield Group of Companies’ (hereinafter referred to as the “The Company”) intention to plan its work in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and good practice.

All reasonably practicable measures will be taken to avoid risk to its employees or others who may be affected.

Management and Supervisory staff have the responsibility for organisation of the Company’s works in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety 18001 Management System and associated Health and Safety Policy and must ensure that consideration of health and safety are always integrated into the day-to-day supervision of work throughout the Company.

Employees will be consulted on all matters relating to their health and safety at work. This Company undertakes to discharge the duties placed upon it within the requirements of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

It will prepare and implement a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan for all notifiable projects and co-operate with other duty holders to ensure full compliance by all parties involved.

The Company will bring the Occupational Health and Safety 18001 Management System and associated Health and Safety Policy to the attention of all employees, suppliers and contractors to enable achievement of the stated objectives.

All employees, suppliers and contractors must ensure that their own work, so far as it reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves or others and in accordance with the provisions of the Policy.

The objectives of the Policy are to continually improve health and safety performance year-on-year by reducing accidents and incidents, reducing non-conformances and providing help and guidance for employees on their health and wellbeing.

The organisation and arrangements for implementing the Policy will also be available at each site and workplace and a full copy of the Policy is held at Barnfield Construction Ltd, Kenyon Road, Nelson for reference by any employee as required.

The Board of Directors have appointed Mr. David Shaw as the Health and Safety Manager having particular responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare and to whom reference should be made in the event of any difficulty arising in the implementation of this Policy.

The Health and Safety Manager will monitor the operation of this policy, assisted by all management and staff of the company who are required to report any non-conformance. This Statement of Company Policy will be displayed prominently at all sites and workplaces.

This Policy will be reviewed when changes to relevant legislation or operations occur and at least annually.

For a full copy of our Health & Safety Policy, please contact us.