We employ more than 250 people
who are passionate about their jobs.

  • Tim Webber, MBE
    Tim Webber, MBE Chairman & Managing Director
  • Sheila Webber
    Sheila Webber Director
  • James Webber
    James Webber Director
  • Steve Riley
    Steve Riley Contracts Director
  • Andrew Couper
    Andrew Couper Finance Director
  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown Senior Estimator
  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown Senior Estimator
  • Dan Makinson
    Dan Makinson Trainee Estimator
  • David Shaw
    David Shaw Health & Safety Manager
  • Annabel Lewis
    Annabel Lewis Receptionist & HSEQ Assistant
  • Jenny McAndrew
    Jenny McAndrew Quantity Surveyor
  • Michael Stobbs
    Michael Stobbs Quantity Surveyor
  • Mark Cocker
    Mark Cocker Quantity Surveyor
  • Daniel Benson
    Daniel Benson Quantity Surveyor
  • Jack Belshaw
    Jack Belshaw Trainee Quantity Surveyor
  • John Parkinson
    John Parkinson Contracts Manager
  • Charlotte Pickup
    Charlotte Pickup Marketing Manager & PA to Tim Webber
  • Tony Quinn
    Tony Quinn Chief Buyer
  • Lisa Unthank
    Lisa Unthank Assistant Buyer
  • Nick Macadam
    Nick Macadam Groundworks Manager
  • Tim O’Sullivan
    Tim O’Sullivan Design & Build Co-ordinator
  • Martin Riley
    Martin Riley Site Manager
  • Russell Currie
    Russell Currie Site Manager
  • David Graham
    David Graham Site Manager
  • Michael Pycroft
    Michael Pycroft Site Manager
  • David Ragan
    David Ragan Site Manager
  • Andrew Hargreaves
    Andrew Hargreaves Site Manager
  • Graham Baxter
    Graham Baxter Site Manager
  • Mark Alderson
    Mark Alderson Site Manager
  • John Cotterill
    John Cotterill Site Manager
  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies Site Manager
  • Khurram Zulfi
    Khurram Zulfi Site Manager
  • Dave Wallbank
    Dave Wallbank Site Manager
  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson Assistant Site Manager
  • Roy Bingham
    Roy Bingham Site Manager
  • David Bailey
    David Bailey Site Manager
  • Steve Gibbons
    Steve Gibbons Site Manager
  • Darren Mackenzie
    Darren Mackenzie Site Manager
  • Joe Webber
    Joe Webber Site Engineer
  • Chris Beveridge
    Chris Beveridge Engineer
  • Tracy Clavell-Bate
    Tracy Clavell-Bate Head of Development & Aquisitions
  • Mandie Spencer
    Mandie Spencer Investment Property Manager
  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams LDTC Business Centre Manager
  • Deborah Earnshaw
    Deborah Earnshaw Partnership Coordinator
  • Nigel Hill
    Nigel Hill Joinery Shop Manager
  • Andrew Greenwood
    Andrew Greenwood Plant Maintenance Manager
  • Simon Haworth
    Simon Haworth Plant Manager
  • Paul Hilton
    Paul Hilton Contracts Manager
  • Kelly Hankinson
    Kelly Hankinson Sales Manager
  • Natalie Bond
    Natalie Bond Sales Manager
  • Rob Bell
    Rob Bell Quantity Surveyor
  • Sharon Powell
    Sharon Powell Accounts Assistant
  • Diane Holt
    Diane Holt Accounts Assistant
  • Janet Hurst
    Janet Hurst Accounts Assistant
  • Natalie Grime
    Natalie Grime Accounts Assistant
  • Linden Charnley
    Linden Charnley PEARL (Joint Venture) Accountant
  • Annabel Lewis
    Annabel Lewis Receptionist & HSEQ Assistant