Business Parks, Developments, Industrial

VALUE: £40 million

This allocated industrial site adjacent to J12 of the M65 motorway saw sporadic small scale development in the 1980’s.

However, Barnfield saw this as a great opportunity to develop a thriving industrial estate for Pendle companies to expand into and trade successfully.

With the demise and redevelopment of much of the traditional mill accommodation, this decision by Barnfield proved to be the correct one and interest from local occupiers was very encouraging.

The extension to Lomeshaye was created after a deal was stuck between Barnfield and Pendle Borough Council whereby Barnfield acquired 26 acres and in return had to put the infrastructure and services in ready for development. Subsequently Barnfield have developed and constructed over 80% of the floor space to date. We are led to understand that our offering has persuaded occupiers to locate here rather than outside the borough.

This estate was highly influential in providing many of the Borough’s successful companies accommodation to work from, thereby allowing them space to grow and keep skills and employment in the Borough.

This has been a key site for encouraging businesses not to move out of the Borough, and it is now fully developed. It is pertinent to add our commitment to this scheme by illustrating the fact that our headquarters are based here.