VALUE: £3.25 million

Duration: 60 weeks

This cash & carry warehouse and distribution facility involved the design and build of a 67,000 sq ft structure incorporating feature brickwork as specified by the client.

Following on from the external build, the internal fit out to the accommodation area ensued which involved high specification fittings to 2 floors of offices along with kitchen and dining rooms, cash and carry till area and a highly secure tobacco store.

An extensive Mechanical & Engineering package was implemented throughout the shop floor including lighting, heating and CCTV.


• After Vibro and pre cast pilling to stabilize the foundation, a steel frame was erected encased with composite cladding and featured a dome above a curved staircase within main entrance


• Previously the land was a heavily contaminated landfill tip site which necessitated extensive remediation works.  The purification of the ground was carried out through a selection of comb and screening techniques

• Foundations have been specifically designed to try and avoid any future settlement of the tip site due to decomposition of the material underground.  Positive pressurised gas suppression has also been installed under floor due to the methane gas given off by the tip below; this is normal practice when dealing with landfill sites and natural earth gases.