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VALUE: £10m

Duration: 18 months

A new development of affordable, eco-friendly housing is coming to Pendle.  Barnfield Construction is on-site delivering 79 affordable new homes on empty land off Harrison Drive in Colne.

The homes will take advantage of the latest in green technologies for their power and heating and there will be 43 two-bedroom homes, 28 three-bedroom homes and eight four-bedroom homes.

The development has been made possible thanks to £3.5m Homes England Strategic Partnership funding and is the first project of a new partnership called PEARL Together.

Pendle Council, Barnfield Investment Properties and Together Housing Group have joined forces to offer more housing choice through PEARL Together.

So far PEARL now celebrates 10 years of successful regeneration and £83 million of investment in Pendle and was founded to make Pendle a more prosperous place to live and work.  The PEARL Together partnership means a wider range of quality homes can be built in Pendle.

Russell Gallagher, Project Manager for the Together Housing Group said:

“Rising house prices are locking many first-time buyers and people on low incomes out of the housing market – often forcing people to move away from their roots.

“At Harrison Drive, we’ll be building mainly two and three-bedroom homes for affordable rent which will help individuals, couples and young families to stay in the area they grew up in.”

“We will be retaining some of the open space and improving it and the new homes will be built 21 metres away from the back of the houses which surround the site on all sides, on Birtwistle Avenue, Slater Avenue, Tennyson Road and Harrison Drive”

If you are interested in seeing the range of PEARL housing on offer through Barnfield Homes, you can visit

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