VALUE: £700,000

Duration: 22 weeks

We have now completed the creation of a first-floor office extension, upgraded concourse and turnstiles to the stand Bob Lord Stand at Burnley Football Club.

This is phase 1 of a two-stage development which will see the demolition and replacement of the club shop within phase 2.

The scheme was negotiated with the football club and was the first project in an on-going future partnership.

The new extension is 5,000sqft with the concourse works below of a similar size.

The redevelopment was completed on a tight site and we’ve had to work over existing services and plant, whilst connecting into the existing stand via innovative connections to the existing stand.

The drawing shows the fanzone within the upgraded concourse which now provides a lounge bar for fans to drink in prior to the game.

A little History on the stand:

Bob Lord oversaw major redevelopment of Turf Moor, including a new stand at the Cricket Field end, and a replacement for the Main Stand that Lord named after himself. Both stands were opened by Conservative Party leader Edward Heath, who was a friend of Lord’s.