Burnley Council has agreed to go ahead with a 10-year partnership with Barnfield Investment Properties to boost the borough’s housing market.

The new joint venture is a key part of the council’s housing strategy, said a report to the council’s executive.

Barnfield Investment Properties is the development arm of the Barnfield Group which also includes Barnfield Construction Limited.

Under the agreement the council will provide its own land, where appropriate, and the Barnfield will fund and build houses. Any profits, over a set limit, would be divided between the council and the company.

Councillor John Harbour, executive member for housing and environment, said: “This is part of our overall housing strategy to encourage new homes being built in our borough and offering a wider range of housing for residents, and to encourage more people to come and live here.

“As always, residents’ views will be taken into account before any building goes ahead, as part of the usual planning permission process.

“The partnership will give the council greater control than normal over the type of homes being built on key sites. This means we can ensure a wider range of different types and sizes of houses, offering a wider choice for home-buyers.

“By going into partnership with a private developer we share the load and can tap into its expertise and experience.”

Gareth Smith, project director at Barnfield Construction, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen as the housing delivery partner for Burnley Council.

“The proven mix of public and private sector skills will work here as it has done elsewhere in Burnley on developments such as the On the Banks development within the Weavers’ Triangle. The ability to work with a partner to drive and understand better the requirements of the homeowners will be key to the success of this partnership and by having this ability we will be better suited to delivering on the needs of the area.”

The developer was chosen after a procurement process that saw 14 companies initially express an interest.

After an extensive procurement process the decision was made to choose Barnfield Investment Properties as the council’s housing joint venture partner. That decision was approved by the executive.

Liberata Architects will be Barnfield Construction’s architectural services partner.  This is an award-winning partnership which has designed and delivered family friendly affordable housing in nearby Pendle.

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